Billy Corgan se volvió loco y resolvió el caso que lo envuelve como “papá de Taylor Swift”


¿En realidad existe algún parentesco entre el vocalista de The Smashing Pumpkins y la cantante Taylor Swift? Bueno, pues de esto se habla en redes sociales, donde múltiples fotografías hacen la comparación entre los dos, haciendo rumorando que Billy Corgan podría ser el padre de Taylor.

Pero quién más que el mismo Billy para solucionar esta incógnita, por eso a través de sus redes sociales tomó cartas en el asunto y no solo aclaró el rumor del parentesco que supuestamente comparte con la cantante, también aseguró que el verdadero Billy Corgan “está muerto”.

“Tomaré el elogio de la comparación, a pesar de que creo que las burlas caen en mí (y no la encantadora y talentosa Miss Swift) “.

Mejor dicho, comparen ustedes mismos y saquen las conclusiones:

You have to love the Internets. Seems this is a new meme going around (someone sent this to me) where I guess the question is(?): Is T Swift my child. Hmm… I’ll take the compliment of the comparison here despite the fact that I guess the jokes on me? (and not the lovely and talented Miss Swift) Which becomes a good starting point back into where I left off last time; on notions of image/self-esteem/God/and self-love. But before I do let me express how I continue to be blown away by the number of messages I am receiving regarding these issues. There simply is no end to how many are struggling, and it seems to have some connection to this modern or Digital Age culture we are living in. Where what’s real is just as relevant, or so it appears, as to what is constructed, fake or false. Where a real you must negotiate time-space next to the more shiny or dark social media avatar of you, and so on and so forth up the food chain of governments and endless celebrity. Each tier of human life augmented to the point where what you no longer know what, or whom, to believe in; including God. And for those new to the game, it is easiest for me to speak of my own experience. So please consider that I do so as illustration. Take from it as you will… There is NO such person as ‘Billy Corgan’. He (BC) does not exist. Or, if he does exist (per these times), he is a creation from my mind to yours, and no different than a cartoon drawing of Batman or Sponge Bob. Trace the route: from 1967 to 1985 I was Bill Corgan, born WPC. My father was known to us as Billy, so he does exist, but the ‘Billy’ I speak of, the one who made records with SP and appeared on chat shows, was a creation. And I still remember the day around age 18 when I told someone, ‘don’t call me Bill anymore. I am Billy now…’ Now why would I do such a thing? Because Bill, or Little Bill as I was known to the family, was beaten, harassed, broken and discarded over so many years, and in so many separate instances (let’s say the number of disassociative events is in the thousands) that he (Bill) was WORTHLESS to me. But Billy Corgan, a construct of my own making, with a different walk, haircut, and…end pt 1

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